Week 33

29th March 2010.....

I thought I would be feeling much better after just being in hospital. Everything is just the same as before though. I am still being sick several times a day and especially over night. My chest infection is really bothering me too, my chest feels really tight and coughing makes me sick.

On Wednesday I had a my "32 week" midwife appointment. It was good. It was another new midwife but I was quite impressed with her. The first thing she noticed the minute I walked in the door was all the bruises on my hands! She was really concerned until I explained it was just the hospital trying to find veins! She sat with me and went through all my blood results from the hospital and explained what was wrong and when. She also weighed me which nobody has done since 10 weeks. She was quite concerned that I have only gained 4lbs my entire pregnancy but then she felt the baby and says that she is growing just fine! The babies heart rate was fine and she let me listen to it as long as I wanted (because the heart rate had been up and down the week before). Overall she was really happy with the baby and everything seemed fine.

On Thursday I had a doctors appointment because I have finished my antibiotics but my chest infection is still there. He, as usual, wasn't very helpful and assured me that I just have a post-infection cough. What can I do? I have to just accept what he says I guess. He gave me a prescription for more anti-emetics and MY LAST SICK LINE Yeyyy!!!!!

After my doctors appointment Steve took me to Aberdeen to see the "Sound of Music". I have spent the last 3 days stuck in the house to prepare for this day out so I am going to enjoy it!!! We went for some lunch which was nice and then to the show. It was great, I really enjoyed it. We stopped in Dundee for some tea (which I suffered for later). It was great to get a day out :-).

6 weeks to go........

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