My petition.....


Since I suffered hyperemesis 3 years ago I have gone on to wonder how I could help women who will suffer HG in the future. For me, HG was BY FAR the worst experience of my life and I am sure many women could say the same.

For someone who hasnt experienced it, imagine this: 9 months of the worst sickness bug you have had (food maybe?) along side the worst flu bug you have had (think aching joints, tiredness, headaches) accompanied by deep deep depression on top of pregnancy itself. Now think what it would be like to go to your GP with this 9 month long sickness/flu/depression and being told 'that's just normal'...... Pretty frustrating eh? So I thought its about time our voices were heard.

So, last year around August time, I set up a petition to get specialist nurses for us girls here in Scotland. After a bit of research I found that London have a day centre for hg and many early pregnancy clinics in England treat women with hg as day cases. What do we have here in Scotland? Not much!! The petition ended in November, actually the same day Kate Middleton hid the headlines with hg! I didn't get as many signatures as I had hoped for but it was still nearly 2000.

Unfortunately, the day after it closed I appeared in loads of national newspapers and on the radio about my petition :( . Anyway, the petition was considered quite quickly and they have asked me to go to parliament in two weeks time to discuss it. I am nervous, scared, excited about it but can't give up now. I wouldn't wish hg on anyone but I suppose having a royal experience what thousands of others have had to might just work to our advantage.

Two and a half years on I still have reminders of the illness. I am still taking lanzoprazole for reflux and become very unwell without it and I have a lovely hernia poking out my belly BUT I also have a wonderful, gorgeous happy little girl to show me why I went throughout what I did and I will always be proud of myself for that :)


Oh and I still can't watch 60 minute makeover or deal or no deal without wanting to throw up!!!