Week 36

19th April 2010

Lorna phoned me early in the morning to tell me that the consultant will see me at his clinic today. I was really pleased. I was to go straight in, which I did. I seen a midwife first who checked baby over. She did an ultrasound just to double check baby is head down, which she is. She measured my uterus which is catching up again and had a good feel of my belly. She took more blood tests from me, checked my blood pressure, pulse, urine (which I was unable to give a sample of) and weighed me. Everything was ok so I was just to wait for the consultant.

The consultant came and discussed what he would like to do. He was quite concerned about the amount of blood I was vomiting although he didn't seem hugely surprised and said that my stomach and oesophagus will be badly irritated. He prescribed me ondasetron again (MY LIFE SAVER!!!) and also ranitidine to help with the acid. He also is now seeing me weekly in his clinic rather than seeing community midwives. I was really happy with everything and finally feel as if something, even if its just small things, is being done.

Monday night was so good. I was sick a couple of times before bed but, for the first time in weeks, I never had to get up to be sick overnight. However, it only lasted that night. Tuesday night was just back to normal and I had to get up during the night to be sick. There was no blood until Thursday night but it was just very small amounts. Friday and Saturday were just the same again, I was vomiting as normal but there was no blood.

About 6.30am on Sunday morning I woke up with severe pain just at the bottom of my ribs. I had this the night I was admitted to hospital and they gave me co-codimol which helped. I had a bath and left it for a couple of hours but I was in so much pain I had to phone triage. They asked if I would like to come in or stay at home. They advised me that if I'd rather stay at home that I took painkillers and tried to eat something and phone back in an hour if its still the same. I had a bit of toast, pain killers and ranitidine and 1/2 hour later I felt a bit better. I wasn't right for the rest of the day and struggled to eat or drink anything. I still don't know what this pain is but I worry its damage to something from the vomiting. Nothing can be investigated until baby has been delivered though.

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