Week 37

26th April 2010......

This week didn't get any better....

I was really sick on Monday and up most of the night on Tuesday being sick. I brought up more blood overnight on Tuesday night. I had an appointment at the clinic with the consultant on Wednesday otherwise I think I would have had to phone the hospital again.

I went to the clinic and seen the midwife first of all. She checked my blood pressure (which was unusually high for me), my pulse and my urine (which had ketones). She then checked the baby over. She's still head down and her heart was beating strong. Afterwards I seen the doctor. He checked me over and decided to admit me back in to hospital. Not what I wanted.......

I went back to ward 37 again. I had a blood test, which came back ok. They monitored my sickness and decided to try me on omeprazole instead of ranitidine. I also had a urine infection so I was put on another course of antibiotics. The consultant came to speak to me about delivery and told me that he wants to try and get me through to week 38 then induce me. That was fine by me as long as they helped to stop this sickness! I have also had a lot of rib pain when coughing or being sick, they spoke about a physio referal as they think I have torn a rib. However, they also told me that nothing can really be done until I deliver.

I got no rest at all over night and was praying to be back in my own bed. The woman in the next bed to me had been induced and was in labour. She was moaning, screaming and swearing all night as well sucking on gas. She also decided it would be nice to have a bath at 4 am!! There was also two admissions into the bay overnight. Lights and buzzers were on and off and doctors were in and out.

I got out the next day with antibiotics and omeprazole. I have been told that omeprazole has not been tested in pregnant woman and that it is a strong drug. I have to take it every day for the next 3 days then try every second day. Obviously I don't want to put the baby at any risk but I'll take their advice and give it a try!

The omeprazole actually does help a bit. I had an ok weekend, I was sick just as much but I wasn't up as much overnight. I had brought up some blood on Friday and on Sunday so it hasn't helped in that way but I will give it time.

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