Week 35

12th April 2010

We're nearly there!!!

The night time sickness continues and I get no sleep during the night. Its really difficult and leaves me exhausted most of the time.

On Wednesday I had my "34 week" appointment with the midwife. It was ANOTHER new midwife (the fourth one) but, again, she was really nice. She spoke through a few things with me before checking baby. She wanted more blood tests to check my iron levels but knowing the trouble people have getting blood from me she decided that we'd leave it. I had 4 blood tests done just 3 weeks ago anyway. She asked about where I'd like to give birth and explained to me that they might decide to put me in labour suite as I am too high a risk for the midwive unit. I won't find out what they decide until 38 weeks and it will depend on how I am from now until then. I would like to be in the unit but I am starting to accept that might not happen. All I really want is the baby to get here safely.

The midwife measured the baby and told me that I am two weeks behind. If she was any more or if she falls anymore behind I will have to go for another growth scan. I am quite happy just now because I had a growth scan 3 weeks ago and she was ok. So fingers crossed she keeps growing!

The weekend was not very good. On Saturday night I was very sick and eventually all that I was bring up was fresh red blood. Obviously this scares me but I have told doctors and midwives since January and nobody is concerned. On Sunday, I phoned my aunty Lorna, who works with gynae consultants, to see if she is able to speak to anyone. She says that she will talk to the consultant who looked after me when I was in hospital and see what he says. So I just need to wait until tomorrow to see what can be done now.


  1. you are so close! Its amazing, I am only 30 weeks. but I still am so sick, and cry alot because I wish this was the end. you are staying so positive. I hope i can make it full term!

  2. I now just found out that I have kidney stones! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WORSE? I cant seem to get a handle on anything! It just keeps getting worse! They are thinking of taking the baby at 34 weeks, did they give you that option to have your baby early?

  3. aww no, sorry to hear that, as if its not bad enough. I seen a consultant today who has put me on more medication because I have been vomiting a lot of blood. They want to try and get me to 38 weeks and then we'll see how we're doing. They were going to give me a c-section at 31 weeks when baby wasn't doing very well but she picked up so they left her alone. Take care, and keep baby in there as long as possible :-) x