Week 33

29th March 2010

To Baby Robb

Today you are 33 weeks old and we don’t need to wait too much longer to meet you now! The past 7 months have been extremely hard for both you and me and also for your daddy. We have spent every day being sick, sometimes only twice and sometimes more than thirty times. I have starved you of food and water for days at a time but you battled through. The doctors say that your heart rate increases everytime I am being sick so it must be putting some stress on you too. They also said that your sleepy a lot of the time which may be caused by the drugs I have to take to keep both you and me alive.

Some days I wish you would just appear now so that I can have a day without being sick. It is a selfish way of thinking and I am glad you have decided to stay in this long. I don’t think that I would have the strength to care for you just now as I struggle to care for myself. We are lucky that we have your daddy to care for you when you do appear so that I can build my strength back up.

I hope that your not suffering too much in there and maybe one day you will need this blog to help you through the same. Unfortunately, it runs in families! You’ve had your steroid injections so you should have a strong set of lungs on you but stay in there for another 6 weeks or so. We’re nearly there and I promise the first thing I will do when is feed you.

Love from your mummy xxxxxxxxxx