Week 37

26th April 2010......

This week didn't get any better....

I was really sick on Monday and up most of the night on Tuesday being sick. I brought up more blood overnight on Tuesday night. I had an appointment at the clinic with the consultant on Wednesday otherwise I think I would have had to phone the hospital again.

I went to the clinic and seen the midwife first of all. She checked my blood pressure (which was unusually high for me), my pulse and my urine (which had ketones). She then checked the baby over. She's still head down and her heart was beating strong. Afterwards I seen the doctor. He checked me over and decided to admit me back in to hospital. Not what I wanted.......

I went back to ward 37 again. I had a blood test, which came back ok. They monitored my sickness and decided to try me on omeprazole instead of ranitidine. I also had a urine infection so I was put on another course of antibiotics. The consultant came to speak to me about delivery and told me that he wants to try and get me through to week 38 then induce me. That was fine by me as long as they helped to stop this sickness! I have also had a lot of rib pain when coughing or being sick, they spoke about a physio referal as they think I have torn a rib. However, they also told me that nothing can really be done until I deliver.

I got no rest at all over night and was praying to be back in my own bed. The woman in the next bed to me had been induced and was in labour. She was moaning, screaming and swearing all night as well sucking on gas. She also decided it would be nice to have a bath at 4 am!! There was also two admissions into the bay overnight. Lights and buzzers were on and off and doctors were in and out.

I got out the next day with antibiotics and omeprazole. I have been told that omeprazole has not been tested in pregnant woman and that it is a strong drug. I have to take it every day for the next 3 days then try every second day. Obviously I don't want to put the baby at any risk but I'll take their advice and give it a try!

The omeprazole actually does help a bit. I had an ok weekend, I was sick just as much but I wasn't up as much overnight. I had brought up some blood on Friday and on Sunday so it hasn't helped in that way but I will give it time.

Week 36

19th April 2010....

At 36 weeks, our baby should now weigh about 5.9 lbs and be about 18.6 inches long!!! I think maybe our wee girl might be a bit smaller though.

The main job this week is to put on weight - the baby not me!! She should be gaining about 1/2 a pound a week now.

Her gums are now firm and have ridges where her teeth will come through from 3 months - a year old

She will have a sleep pattern now - which this wee girl is up ALL night and sleeps ALL day - great!!

She should be all ready just to come now and all thats standing between us is the painful birth!!

Week 36

19th April 2010

Lorna phoned me early in the morning to tell me that the consultant will see me at his clinic today. I was really pleased. I was to go straight in, which I did. I seen a midwife first who checked baby over. She did an ultrasound just to double check baby is head down, which she is. She measured my uterus which is catching up again and had a good feel of my belly. She took more blood tests from me, checked my blood pressure, pulse, urine (which I was unable to give a sample of) and weighed me. Everything was ok so I was just to wait for the consultant.

The consultant came and discussed what he would like to do. He was quite concerned about the amount of blood I was vomiting although he didn't seem hugely surprised and said that my stomach and oesophagus will be badly irritated. He prescribed me ondasetron again (MY LIFE SAVER!!!) and also ranitidine to help with the acid. He also is now seeing me weekly in his clinic rather than seeing community midwives. I was really happy with everything and finally feel as if something, even if its just small things, is being done.

Monday night was so good. I was sick a couple of times before bed but, for the first time in weeks, I never had to get up to be sick overnight. However, it only lasted that night. Tuesday night was just back to normal and I had to get up during the night to be sick. There was no blood until Thursday night but it was just very small amounts. Friday and Saturday were just the same again, I was vomiting as normal but there was no blood.

About 6.30am on Sunday morning I woke up with severe pain just at the bottom of my ribs. I had this the night I was admitted to hospital and they gave me co-codimol which helped. I had a bath and left it for a couple of hours but I was in so much pain I had to phone triage. They asked if I would like to come in or stay at home. They advised me that if I'd rather stay at home that I took painkillers and tried to eat something and phone back in an hour if its still the same. I had a bit of toast, pain killers and ranitidine and 1/2 hour later I felt a bit better. I wasn't right for the rest of the day and struggled to eat or drink anything. I still don't know what this pain is but I worry its damage to something from the vomiting. Nothing can be investigated until baby has been delivered though.

Week 35

12th April 2010

We're nearly there!!!

The night time sickness continues and I get no sleep during the night. Its really difficult and leaves me exhausted most of the time.

On Wednesday I had my "34 week" appointment with the midwife. It was ANOTHER new midwife (the fourth one) but, again, she was really nice. She spoke through a few things with me before checking baby. She wanted more blood tests to check my iron levels but knowing the trouble people have getting blood from me she decided that we'd leave it. I had 4 blood tests done just 3 weeks ago anyway. She asked about where I'd like to give birth and explained to me that they might decide to put me in labour suite as I am too high a risk for the midwive unit. I won't find out what they decide until 38 weeks and it will depend on how I am from now until then. I would like to be in the unit but I am starting to accept that might not happen. All I really want is the baby to get here safely.

The midwife measured the baby and told me that I am two weeks behind. If she was any more or if she falls anymore behind I will have to go for another growth scan. I am quite happy just now because I had a growth scan 3 weeks ago and she was ok. So fingers crossed she keeps growing!

The weekend was not very good. On Saturday night I was very sick and eventually all that I was bring up was fresh red blood. Obviously this scares me but I have told doctors and midwives since January and nobody is concerned. On Sunday, I phoned my aunty Lorna, who works with gynae consultants, to see if she is able to speak to anyone. She says that she will talk to the consultant who looked after me when I was in hospital and see what he says. So I just need to wait until tomorrow to see what can be done now.

Week 34

5th April 2010

I had an bad week again. I was very sick on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - day and night time. Night time was much worse than during the day and I was sick until my stomach was completely empty and all I could do was wretch. Its a horrible feeling and one that you never get use to. I felt quite down again this week, nothing like before. I guess I thought that I would be feeling better after the fluids and medication in hospital. I thought that I might get a wee bit of a break, some sleep and some food!! But it wasn't to be!

On Wednesday night we were meant to be going to our first antenatal class. I was looking forward to going and I know Steve was too but unfortunetly (as usual) hyperemesis got in the way and I was too sick to go. I feel guilty and upset that Steve misses out on these normal things that most dads would get the chance to do but I also know I can't do anything to stop it.

I was still quite sick on Thursday but picked up a bit by Friday. I was still sick overnight but day time had settled down. Mum and Emma visited on Friday night for a couple of hours and it was nice to have the company. We went out for lunch on Saturday which was nice and on Sunday we visited my gran for her birthday.

Week 33

29th March 2010.....

I thought I would be feeling much better after just being in hospital. Everything is just the same as before though. I am still being sick several times a day and especially over night. My chest infection is really bothering me too, my chest feels really tight and coughing makes me sick.

On Wednesday I had a my "32 week" midwife appointment. It was good. It was another new midwife but I was quite impressed with her. The first thing she noticed the minute I walked in the door was all the bruises on my hands! She was really concerned until I explained it was just the hospital trying to find veins! She sat with me and went through all my blood results from the hospital and explained what was wrong and when. She also weighed me which nobody has done since 10 weeks. She was quite concerned that I have only gained 4lbs my entire pregnancy but then she felt the baby and says that she is growing just fine! The babies heart rate was fine and she let me listen to it as long as I wanted (because the heart rate had been up and down the week before). Overall she was really happy with the baby and everything seemed fine.

On Thursday I had a doctors appointment because I have finished my antibiotics but my chest infection is still there. He, as usual, wasn't very helpful and assured me that I just have a post-infection cough. What can I do? I have to just accept what he says I guess. He gave me a prescription for more anti-emetics and MY LAST SICK LINE Yeyyy!!!!!

After my doctors appointment Steve took me to Aberdeen to see the "Sound of Music". I have spent the last 3 days stuck in the house to prepare for this day out so I am going to enjoy it!!! We went for some lunch which was nice and then to the show. It was great, I really enjoyed it. We stopped in Dundee for some tea (which I suffered for later). It was great to get a day out :-).

6 weeks to go........