Week 34

5th April 2010

I had an bad week again. I was very sick on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - day and night time. Night time was much worse than during the day and I was sick until my stomach was completely empty and all I could do was wretch. Its a horrible feeling and one that you never get use to. I felt quite down again this week, nothing like before. I guess I thought that I would be feeling better after the fluids and medication in hospital. I thought that I might get a wee bit of a break, some sleep and some food!! But it wasn't to be!

On Wednesday night we were meant to be going to our first antenatal class. I was looking forward to going and I know Steve was too but unfortunetly (as usual) hyperemesis got in the way and I was too sick to go. I feel guilty and upset that Steve misses out on these normal things that most dads would get the chance to do but I also know I can't do anything to stop it.

I was still quite sick on Thursday but picked up a bit by Friday. I was still sick overnight but day time had settled down. Mum and Emma visited on Friday night for a couple of hours and it was nice to have the company. We went out for lunch on Saturday which was nice and on Sunday we visited my gran for her birthday.

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