Week 32

22nd March 2010 - 25th March 2010

Back to hospital......

MONDAY - I spent the whole of Monday rejecting EVERYTHING that went in my mouth. It didn't even reach my stomach before it was coming back up. When Steve got home at night time he watched as I was sick over and over and over..... I knew what he was thinking but I REALLY did not want to go back there again. I tried so hard to keep something down but I couldn't. I checked the ketones in my urine at 6pm and they were only "+1" so I relaxed a bit and kept trying to get fluids in me. By 9pm my ketones were "+4", the highest they could be. I couldn't believe how quickely I had deteriorated. I was so upset and was begging Steve to let me stay at home for one more night. He backed off a bit and let me go to bed. I couldn't settle and just kept being sick. Just before midnight Steve decided he'd had enough and phoned NHS 24, who sent me back to hospital. I knew this was coming but it didn't make it any easier. I got in to ward 37A and was put in a side room. I didn't get any rest over night as the doctors were in and out the whole night. I was checked over, had blood tests taken, given IV fluids and put on the CTG machine for the baby. I don't have good veins at the best of times but I didn't realise how bad they were. I ended up with 14 cannulas!!!

TUESDAY - The consultant came in to see me on the ward round this morning with some news I wasn't expecting. She told me that my baby wasn't doing great, was sleepy with a rapid heart rate. She explained that I had to get steriod injections to help develop the babies lungs as she may have had to deliver her by C-Section. I had to go for an ultrasound scan to check the babies blood flow. The doctor was quite happy with my scan which was a relief but I still wasn't in the clear. The midwives put the CTG machine on me every couple of hours for an hour or so which left me stuck in bed because you can't move around with it on. I continued to get IV fluids and got cannulas resited every few hours. I didn't manage to keep any fluids down throughout today and didn't manage to eat anything. By night time I had a really high temperature.....it was never ending. They took blood tests from me which showed I had an infection. They checked me over and told me I had a lower respiratory infection so I was put on antibiotics. As well as all this, I was told that I would need to get scans to check what damage being sick for so long has done to other parts of my body. The doctor said that if I continue to bring up blood he would arrange a scan of my gallbladder and spleen and refer me to gastroenterologists. I was exhausted by this time and just wanted to sleep because I had been up all night the night before and all day today.

WEDNESDAY - I woke up at 7am feeling a bit better. My chest was sore but I wasn't being sick. It was a relief. I managed a couple of spoonfulls of breakfast and the same at lunch and kept both down. Its not much but its better than the last few days. I still had maximum amount of ketones in my urine though so another day in hospital I guess!! Nothing new happened today, I kept on IV fluids, antiemetics, the CTG machine and antibiotics. Baby was still sleepy and they were still keeping an eye on her but the possiblilty of having a section seemed to be getting lower. Thank god!!

THURSDAY - My urine this morning was clear of ketones.....yey!!! The consultant on the ward round asked if I'd like to go home....of course I would!!! So he said that we'd do ANOTHER blood test and if my infection levels had come down, I managed to eat my lunch and baby had picked up then he'd let me go home. I prayed and prayed!! The results came back and they were lower. The CTG machine was hooked up and baby was much happier. All that was left to do was eat lunch. I had a sandwich and kept it down.

So 14 cannula's, 12 bags of fluid, 2 steriod injections, an ultrasound scan, lots of antemetics, antibiotics and a happy baby later, a happy mummy got to go home!!!

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