Week 30

8th March 2010.....

Well our baby is now 30 weeks old, hopefully no more than 10 weeks till we meet her!!

At 30 weeks....

-her lungs and digestive tract are nearly fully developed

- her length will start to slow down now and (hopefully) she'll just be gaining weight

- her eyes are opening and shutting. She is also reacting to light and can see the inside of my uterus

- she has eye brows, eye lashes and the hair on her head is getting thicker

- in just 4 weeks time she'll start to position herself for birth by moving her head down to my pelvis

I thinks its amazing and although, honestly, I can't say at the moment what I have been through and I am going through will be worth the end result, I am sure when we meet her I will change my mind....

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  1. Hi Natalie,
    just read your story. i had hyperemesis in my first pregnancy so identified with a lot of your experience - especially the bit about all the unwanted advice! I'm now pregnant again and started vomiting last week. I'm going to punch the next person who tells me to eat ginger biscuits in the face! Anyway, just wanted to say, there are other women out there who know how you feel and well done for getting so far. You're nearly there now and despite it all, I knew it was all completely worth it when my son landed on my chest just after i gave birth. So worth it, that I'm doing it again!
    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy and you have my utter admiration and sympathy for surviving so far!