Our family

Week 40

17th May 2010....

I got home from hospital the day after our baby Eilidh Grace was born. I am so glad she is here safely and the hyperemesis has gone. The first week with a baby was hard but brilliant. Everyone was worried about me getting post-natal depression as hyperemesis puts you at higher risk but I have never been happier than I am now. I have a perfect baby and she has a perfect daddy. We took her out every day - into town, to the park, for walks... I am also making up for what I didn't eat for 9 months!! I was sore (because I had stitches) but I recovered very quickly, much quicker than expected.

They say that once you have your baby in your arms you forget everything. I have not forgotton anything and I don't think I ever will. However, now I have my baby in my arms I think I would do it all again for her. She is perfect in every way and I can't believe she survived what she did. Because of what we've all been through Eilidh is even more special to us and I've never loved anything or anyone more.......

Week 38/39

12th May 2010....

Hospital stay -

I arrived at 12.30, like I was told but they were too busy to take me so I was to go away for an hour. Eventually I was seen at half two and given my first pessary. It had to stay in for 24 hours then be removed. Hospital is so boring and I hoped I wouldn't be there long!!! I was monitored every few hours which meant I couldn't get out of bed. I got no sleep overnight as they kept waking me to monitor the baby or my blood pressure. I was also up several times being sick.

Anyway, Thursday at 2.30 came and they checked my cervix. It had slightly softened but nowhere near enough to break my waters so I got another pessary. Six hours later they checked again and I needed another pessary. This baby was not for coming early. They had me up all night again checking baby and, again, I was up being sick.

On Friday morning I got the good news that I was 2cm dilated but the bad news that labour suite was full. I was having contractions on and off since yesterday lunch time. They could be really painful and co-codimol really didn't help and I didn't like the gas and air.

On Saturday morning at half 8 they came and told me I was ready to go to labour suite. I was excited and ready for this now. I got down about 9 o clock and they got me comfortable and just waited for the anaesthetist to come and do my epidural. Once the epidural was in they started the hormone drip which causes really strong contractions. The epidural didn't work so I felt the contractions. I needed gas and air as they were really painful. They broke my waters which was also quite sore. Eventually the anaesthetist came and resited it. The second epidural numbed part of me but I still felt the contractions in places. I used gas and air but the baby's heart rate kept dipping and they were slapping oxygen on my face and making me turn on my side. The anaesthetist came back and gave me fentanyl which helped a huge amount. At 2pm I was 6cm dilated and by 7pm I was 10cm dilated. An hour later I had to start pushing. I pushed for an hour but the baby's heart rate kept falling to 80bpm and she was lying on her side. The consultant obs came in and decided to use vontouse to get her out quickly. On Saturday 15th May 2010 at 21.24 my baby girl was born weighing 6lbs 12oz. Steve cut the cord and she was placed on my tummy.

As soon as she was placed in my arms I started being sick. Steve had to take her and I missed out on my first few minutes with my baby. Something that I will never get back. I was annoyed and upset that it was still there. I was sick about 5 times that hour then I was transferred to the ward. I wasn't sick again....

Week 39 (Week 38 hospital dates)

10th May 2010......

The big week.....!!!!

By the end of this week we will have our little girl in our arms. I am writing this on Tuesday, the day before I am going in to be induced. I have mixed feelings today. I don't really get nervous but I do get scared and I'm certainly that. Obviously, I am excited and can not wait to meet our baby but I feel its still a long way off! I am going in tomorrow to get a pessary to ripen my cervix and then start my contractions. I hope it doesn't take days to work as I'm not the most patient person and I hate hospitals!!!

My hyperemesis has been slightly better the last couple of days but I am still vomiting about 8 times daily. I think baby has dropped and I feel as if a lot of pressure has been taken off my stomach but I am still only able to eat small amounts or I am sick.

I can't believe that by the end of this week I will be normal again and we will have a gorgeous baby girl!!

Week 38

3rd May 2010......

I can finally see an end!!! By hospital and later scan dates I am only 37 weeks this week and they have decided to induce me at 38 weeks so our wee girl will be with us next week.

This week was just the same as last. I was still being sick just as much. The omeprazole works to an extent that it gives me a bit of relief in bed so I can get some sleep. On Wednesday I went to see the consultant again (even though I never actually seen him). The midwife checked me and baby over and was quite happy with everything. Afterwards we got to speak to the doctor. He went through everything once again, I don't understand why they don't read patients notes before they see them. Anyway, he felt my belly, spoke about my medications and said there isn't much else that can be done. They decided to bring me in at 38 weeks on Wednesday the 12th May to induce me as they felt it was a greater risk to leave me any longer.

I'm not at all nervous or scared, I just feel guilty. I am so worried something happens to the baby because I have agreed to an induction. I know and understand that at 38 weeks babies are only putting on more weight and they are fully developed but I'd much rather she came herself when she was ready. I also feel relieved that by the end of next week I will be normal again (hopefully). I just hope the internal bleeding stops when I stop being sick and that there are no other long term effects. Stay positive......

Week 37



Ok, I did this but only because I moved house and my second doctor wasn't any better than my first. If your doctor doesn't believe how unwell you are don't let them send you away after every appointment with nothing more than when you went in! Make sure you get treated. I left it far too late to do this. I was treated by my GP and community midwives until I was 35 weeks (apart from my hospital stays). Neither of them had the first clue about hyperemesis. Everytime I went to see the doctor, I was in and out within 5 minutes. I didn't want to waste his time as I just accepted that nothing could be done for my condition and I was just to suffer it. Once I started seeing consultants I was given better care, they still didn't stop the sickness or control the bleeding but I felt I was in better hands.


Again, I did this far too late. Steve never came with me until I was 36 weeks. He told the doctors things I had forgotton and also things from how he was seeing it. I have a bad habit of not mentioning certain things to avoid being admitted to hospital. Funnily enough I was admitted into ward 37 straight after the first appointment Steve came too!! I'll forgive him one day..... Even if you can't take your partner or whoever is watching you every day I think it would still have been nice to have had the company when I was waiting to go in. I didn't want to bother anyone and didn't want Steve having to take loads of time off work.


You'll be given no information at all on this condition so unless you research it then you can't understand it. One thing I have learnt is how much rubbish is on the internet but there are some good websites. A lot of it is irrelevant because it is American but certain information is worldwide. Not that they worked for me but there is a lot of information on non-medical remedies like preggie pops and sea bands. If nothing else it is good to read other peoples hyperemesis stories. It helps you realise your not crazy or alone!

One site I recommend is: www.helpher.org/. It is working on finding a cure for hyperemesis.


I've looked back on my blog many times to see when I had good weeks and what drugs worked better than others. It isn't even written for everyone else to read although if it helps anyone then thats an advantage. I know that other girls with hyperemesis have read my blog and left comments. People keep telling me that I will forget this and have another baby but I keep telling Steve that I will NEVER forget as I have it all written down in front of me.


Easier said than done for 9 months!! I am very bad at this but it is true, I am better on days I do nothing. It is sole destroying doing nothing day after day but I find that I manage to do a little bit each day rather than big days out. There is an end to it when you can go out as much as you want (and I'm nearly at it)!!


As I write this I realise how badly I handled this illness. I went for a couple of months where I couldn't cook for Steve or clean the house, I struggled to clean up after the dogs and I tired myself out big time having a shower. I realise now its ok not to have an immaculate house all the time when your unwell and Steve was more than capable of feeding himself! Its hard to change habits as I seen it all as "my job" and felt lazy and guilty when I was unable to do it.


Even at 37 weeks I think people doubt that I actually have an illness. I feel like I am just a nuisance and a hassle so I don't expect people to go out their way for me. I suppose, as I have said before, unless you have suffered it you can't understand it. Over the last few months when people have complained they have a sickness bug I want to hit them! Thats what I have had every single day since September but for some reason its different. All I can recommend is just stay away from people who doubt you then it can't upset you.


I know I said rest but even though I was sick and very tired before and after our trip to Paris it was the last chance we got to be alone on holiday before baby arrives. It was well worth it. If you have the chance to get away for a night or two and are able I definately recommend it.


I spent months feeling guilty about things.

- not being able to hug people

- taking things out on Steve

- having people running after me

- not keeping a nice house for Steve to come home to

- not being able to attend things and cancelling lunches etc

- not being able to work

the list goes on....

Feeling guilty never helped at all. This is only 9 months of your life, everyone knows what your normally like and will be like once its over.


If your not able then don't do it. I went back in September and lasted a day, I went back again in January and lasted two days. It made me so ill and it wasn't worth it at all. You get no thanks for trying and you ARE sick! Physically, emotionally and mentally. I was putting myself and my baby at risk by working. I'm not the kind of person who is off work all the time for colds or a sore arm so I need this time off and I'm going to take it.