Week 39 (Week 38 hospital dates)

10th May 2010......

The big week.....!!!!

By the end of this week we will have our little girl in our arms. I am writing this on Tuesday, the day before I am going in to be induced. I have mixed feelings today. I don't really get nervous but I do get scared and I'm certainly that. Obviously, I am excited and can not wait to meet our baby but I feel its still a long way off! I am going in tomorrow to get a pessary to ripen my cervix and then start my contractions. I hope it doesn't take days to work as I'm not the most patient person and I hate hospitals!!!

My hyperemesis has been slightly better the last couple of days but I am still vomiting about 8 times daily. I think baby has dropped and I feel as if a lot of pressure has been taken off my stomach but I am still only able to eat small amounts or I am sick.

I can't believe that by the end of this week I will be normal again and we will have a gorgeous baby girl!!


  1. love your blog, and your insight. Hopefully all went well for you and you are ok! Update soon, I am starting to contract and already dialated at 35 weeks now. Hopefully things get better and I will get back to my normal self and keep food down! :)

  2. everything went great as you can see... now have my wee girl and hyperemesis has gone!! so happy. have you had your baby? x