Week 40

17th May 2010....

I got home from hospital the day after our baby Eilidh Grace was born. I am so glad she is here safely and the hyperemesis has gone. The first week with a baby was hard but brilliant. Everyone was worried about me getting post-natal depression as hyperemesis puts you at higher risk but I have never been happier than I am now. I have a perfect baby and she has a perfect daddy. We took her out every day - into town, to the park, for walks... I am also making up for what I didn't eat for 9 months!! I was sore (because I had stitches) but I recovered very quickly, much quicker than expected.

They say that once you have your baby in your arms you forget everything. I have not forgotton anything and I don't think I ever will. However, now I have my baby in my arms I think I would do it all again for her. She is perfect in every way and I can't believe she survived what she did. Because of what we've all been through Eilidh is even more special to us and I've never loved anything or anyone more.......


  1. Congratulations. This is so exciting. I hope soon I can too get some type of relief.. I never thought it would get harder, and these last few weeks for me, (week 37 now) is more painful and exhausting then all the others, oh but your little beauty reminds me its all so worth it. Hope you are healing ok!

  2. Hi I'm so sorry i never seen your comment. I hope everything went well for you and you feel fine after hyperemesis. I have good and bad days and am still not back to normal two years on. Its a horrible illness. x