Week 38

3rd May 2010......

I can finally see an end!!! By hospital and later scan dates I am only 37 weeks this week and they have decided to induce me at 38 weeks so our wee girl will be with us next week.

This week was just the same as last. I was still being sick just as much. The omeprazole works to an extent that it gives me a bit of relief in bed so I can get some sleep. On Wednesday I went to see the consultant again (even though I never actually seen him). The midwife checked me and baby over and was quite happy with everything. Afterwards we got to speak to the doctor. He went through everything once again, I don't understand why they don't read patients notes before they see them. Anyway, he felt my belly, spoke about my medications and said there isn't much else that can be done. They decided to bring me in at 38 weeks on Wednesday the 12th May to induce me as they felt it was a greater risk to leave me any longer.

I'm not at all nervous or scared, I just feel guilty. I am so worried something happens to the baby because I have agreed to an induction. I know and understand that at 38 weeks babies are only putting on more weight and they are fully developed but I'd much rather she came herself when she was ready. I also feel relieved that by the end of next week I will be normal again (hopefully). I just hope the internal bleeding stops when I stop being sick and that there are no other long term effects. Stay positive......

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