Week 25

1st Feb 2010.....

The week started quite good, I was still very sick but I felt I had it under control.

On Wednesday, I had my first appointment with the community midwife. I wasn't very impressed by her. She wasn't concerned about...... well anything! I had very low blood pressure (which I have had since I got pregnant) but she said "we'll just keep an eye on it", I had blood in my urine but she said "thats normal during pregnancy", I told her my baby hasn't been moving so much since I have been taking stemitil but she said "just sit down and have a cold drink"..... She also said that unless I am going to breastfeed then there is no point in going to antenatal classes and just read a book instead!!! I disagreed so she told me to phone the hospital and find out about the classes myself. Anyway, she felt baby and listened to the heartbeat. She said that I have a small baby and lots of fluid but thats nothing to worry about.

By Wednesday night, I was vomiting blood again. I do tell everyone its normal and everythings ok but inside I do worry. Obviously vomiting blood isn't normal however the doctor said that it is caused by wretching. I don't think I have been wretching this week but I leave it (as usual) and will see how it goes.

I started to feel a bit better by the end of this week. I am not being sick as much and I think I am managing to keep more food down......... here's hoping!!!!

Week 25

A bit about Hyperemesis....

Hyperemesis is a very rare condition and is suffered by only 0.3 - 2% of pregnant woman. I am one of 5% of these woman who suffer it past week 20.

From what I have researched, experts only describe hyperemesis as "excessive vomiting in pregnancy". There is very little information on the condition and what is available is mostly written by sufferers.

Symptoms I have suffered include.....

- Vomiting, food/drink, bile or blood (dried and fresh)
- Sensitive gag reflex
- Constipation
- Difficulty sleeping
- Dizziness (very low blood pressure)
- Ketosis
- Thirst (but unable to drink)
- Very dry skin
- Tachycardia
- Headache
- Confusion
- Extreme fatigue
- Very quick weight loss
- Unable to stand any movement i.e. walking, travelling
- Lonliness, being very down

The cause of hyperemesis is unknown. It is thought that you are at increased risk if you have a baby at a young age, if it is your first baby, if family (mothers, sisters) have suffered it, a twin pregnancy, Vitamin B deficiancy....

I am classed as a young mother, this is my first baby and my mum and grandma both experienced extreme morning sickness. My grandma was bed bound with all three pregnancies and my mum had severe and extended all day sickness.

Emotional support....

An important part of hyperemesis, which is ALWAYS bypassed, is the emotional side. There is very very little information or support on this. After doing a bit of research I am finding everything says that your partner should be providing emotional support. What about them? For example, Steve struggles enough himself without providing emotional support to me too. Also, I am unable to work so he has too and he does, a lot. So what do you do then? There is no support elsewhere, why?

I feel like nobody actually understands the condition so your met with people thinking your playing the system for time off work or your throwing up for some attention. It leaves you feeling very isolated.

Things people have said to me include....

- "just stop thinking about it and get some fresh air"

- "think about your baby, you have to eat and drink"

- "don't you know that medication can harm your baby?"

- "don't think negatively or it'll never go away"

- "get yourself out and about it'll help"

- "eat ginger biscuits", "drink ginger beer", "eat crackers", "drink milk", "suck sweets"

- "you need to make sure your eating the right foods for that baby"

So, I know people are trying to help but fresh air, ginger or sucking mints IS NOT GOING TO HELP. Getting fresh air and "out and about" is impossible at times, would you walk about the street throwing up? Eating at all, never mind healthy food, is a huge deal. Neither me or the baby would still be living if I refused any medication. And lastly, I WISH that thinking positive thoughts would stop hyperemesis but unfortunetly it doesn't help AT ALL!!

Week 24

25th January 2010..........

Monday came quickely, I am on a late shift today. I am very tired after my shift yesterday. I was sick when I got up, then took my tablet and got ready for work. Again, I managed to get there without stopping my car. The shift was ok, I was sick a few times, struggled to eat anything and was very very tired. Everyone on my shift again were helpful. Monday night time was terrible. I was up the whole night being sick. I phoned work at 3.30am to say that I won't manage the next day. I had been bringing up a lot of fresh blood which really worried me (although this had happened before). I eventually got to bed and to sleep about 5am and slept most of the next day. I made a doctors appointment for Wednsday.

The doctor wasn't aware that I had tried to work again and explained to me that he doesn't think that I will manage to work from now until the birth. I was disappointed to hear this as I was hoping I would try again. He signed me back off work for the moment.

It took me a few more days to get a bit better again and get the ketones out my urine. I was still being sick for the rest of the week but not anywhere near as bad as the beginning of the week.....

Week 23

18th January 2010.....

This is the week I am intending on going back to work..... I am worrying about how I will cope. I can't believe after 4 months off work and at 6 months pregnant I am not allowed to phase myself back in to work. Anyway I am willing to try!

The couple of days lead up was awful. I was very sick, unable to eat or drink and had ketones in my urine. I was very tired as I was unable to sleep. However, I put it down to the worry of returning to work. I was due back on Wednesday the 20th but I was actually on days off until Sunday the 24th.

Sunday came, I got up early, got myself ready and was sick before I left the house (not a good start). Anyway, I took a tablet and off I went. I managed to get to work without having to stop the car. I walked in, got changed and was sick again. I was a few minutes early so I made a cup of tea and sat down. It was nice to see everyone and be in the company of others rather than the same few I have seen over the last 4 months. I was lucky that my colleagues were understanding and helped me out a bit. I managed the whole day and went home proud but spent the evening being very sick. I went to bed ready to start a new shift tomorrow.....