1 year on....

Its been 1 year since my gorgeous wee girl was born and that awful pregnancy finished! Eilidh is doing brilliant and I can't believe she survived what she did. She was born without a thyroid which I think could be related to my nutrient deficiencies (iodine deficiency). Eilidh's consultant will not confirm or deny this as there is no way of proving it. It has annoyed me that it is a possibility though as I was not put on any supplements during my pregnancy. However, she is doing great and takes a tablet once a day and gets on like every other baby. It has never been a problem for her or us and we are just so lucky that she has a condition that can be easily kept on top of - not everyone is as lucky as that.

Hyperemesis has left its marks though. Apparently it takes 1-2 months of recovery for every month that you were sick. So I am hoping that soon I will begin to feel 100% again. I take omeprazole every day and if I miss that I am either sick or feel very sick. I get really bad pains in my stomach if I eat fatty food and the heartburn is like nothing I've had before. My GP suggested a scope to check for an ulcer but as I said to her at the time - Im on the treatment I'd be put on if I had an ulcer anyway so I'd rather not go through the pain and discomfort of a scope being shoved down my throat!! I hope they find triggers and reasons for hyperemesis and a cure for those who do have to suffer it.

Anyway, we're all excited about Eilidh's birthday next week and we're having two parties for her then going away to centre parks and really looking forward to it!! We're just happy to be back to a normal (as normal as possible with a baby about) life xx


  1. If I understand well from your blog, you are still suffering from aftermath of HG?!? You are still sick after giving birth! I am HG sufferer, 24 weeks pregnant, I was hoping HG will go away just after birth. Thanks for your blog. I will be glad if you can reply.

  2. Hi I'm really sorry i never realised i had a comment. you'll have had your wee bundle now. Hopefully your coping well after being ill. I'm two years on now and still get really bad heartburn, stomach ulcers and still sick if i don't take my lansoprazole. hope your well x